Today’s edition of Praise In The City is focusing on the revitalization of Pennsylvania’s oldest Black theater, Freedom Theater, that is working to inject art back into the Black community. Helping to facilitate this injection is a very interesting project that Freedom is involved in called Project 1 Voice featuring yours truly. Here from Freedom […]

Well It’s AIDS Education Month and our focus on today’s show will be educating our youth about AIDS and HIV. Do you know the difference between AIDS and HIV? We welcome your input. Here with an exciting event focusing on AIDS awareness is Megan Threats of Step Up Against AIDS.

Today’s edition of Praise In The City is focusing on the Pennsylvania Primary Election and what it means for the community at large. Here to help us understand the ins and outs of this political process and to give insight on the candidates is political columnist Denise Clay.

Today on Praise In The City we are focusing on homelessness in the city of Philadelphia. Do you want to get involved with the programs here in the city to help lift up those that are down? Well here to talk about some programs that you can get involved is Craig Stroman of We Feed […]

In the wake of the story of 200 Nigerian girls being abducted from their school by a group of men, we are forced to confront the dangers our young women face right here on our soil. How can we prevent these things and how can we teach our children about these dangers? Here to talk […]

What do you think needs to be done to prevent our youth from dropping out of school. Dropout Prevention is the discussion today on Praise In The City and here to help us understand what needs to be done are two representatives of Communities In Schools, Nyne Sellers (Director -Philadelphia) and Johniece Ray (Project/Marketing- Delaware). […]

Slave reparations: Is it worth the fight? Have we reconciled our slave past considering where we are in the present? These questions come out of a story where some Caribbean countries are suing for reparations from European nations for their involvement in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. What do you think? Here to talk about this […]

Are you politically engaged or do you disengage in any political action? Why does there seem to be so much disengagement after big social or political events? Here to join us in this conversation is candidate for PA State Rep District 188, Algernong Allen (www.ALLEN.2014).  

On today’s edition of Praise In The City we’d like to ask the question: Is it encouraging to see African-Americans playing a variety of different roles in the film industry? This being the eve of the Oscars there is a lot of buzz around the amount of Black films and actors that are getting shine. […]

Today on Praise in the City we are talking about the devaluing of black life; Uncovering ‘Stand Your Ground’, Racism, and Murder. What are your thoughts on these laws that give people free passes to kill; especially our Black youth. In studio we have Attorney and adjunct professor at Temple Univ.,  Michael Coard ( and […]

A local merchant on 7th & South Streets is looking for a seamstress to work part time hours, 16 to 18 hours a week. You will only work on Thursdays and Fridays. If you or someone you know has serious sewing skills, please send resumes and inquiries to Best of luck to you.

The Hype is a TV talk show for, by and about young women. The show is produced by Radio One’s Tiffany Bacon and tapes once per month on Saturday afternoons from noon to 4:00PM and we are looking for a multi ethnic, multi generational studio audience with a focus on having youth between the ages of 12 […]