United States launches cruise missile attack on Syrian airfield in response to recent chemical weapon attack

Feb. 5th, 2017 – Well, it’s been two whole weeks and Your President has already confirmed all the bad expectations we had and then some!  He’s been signing “executive orders” so fast he must be getting writer’s cramp and as soon as he signs them he likes to hold them up and display his signature like […]

Read some tweets from residents of Aleppo in the gallery below. Our prayers are with them.

In his weekly address, Obama shared a message of love and compassion, but also gave the American people a subtle reminder about the history of Thanksgiving. The President acknowledged pilgrims arrived in America looking for a safe haven, much like the Syrian refugees of today.

Despite pledging to bring home almost all American troops before leaving office, President Barack Obama plans to leave nearly 10,000 troops in war-torn Afghanistan through 2016 in an effort to help fend off the Taliban, reports the Washington Post.

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Airstrikes against the Islamic terrorist group ISIS have begun in the Middle-East. Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel (Jarvis Stewart, Joia Jefferson…

Weather Today: Cloudy, giving way to sunshine High: 81 News you can use… President Barack Obama Addresses ISIS Issue Tonight! Tonight at 9pm President Barack Obama will address the nation on the dangers of Islamic radicals in Iraq and Syria, known as ISIS. Voter’s Rights’ Take Their Fight To The PA Supreme Court Regarding Voting […]

  President Barack Obama tried Tuesday to sell a military intervention he never wanted to an American public that opposes it, telling the nation that…

NBC News’ Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel and members of his network production team were freed from captors in Syria after a firefight at a…