Since the Sandy Hook massacre, gun violence in America has only gotten worse. In fact, 554 kids under the age of 23 have died from gunshots in the three years since the horrific crime, according to an NBC News analysis. But that number may very well be larger, as suicides often go unreported. Since Sandy […]

Mayor Nutter Asks Again For A Cigarette Tax To Help Fund Philly Schools! The saying goes, “If first you don’t succeed, then try again.” This is exactly what Mayor Michael Nutter will do in Harrisburg, as he asks once again for a Philadelphia specific-cigarette tax to help the Philadelphia School District get out of the […]

Today President Barack Obama unveiled a $500 million program to stop gun violence and signed for 23 Executive Gun Actions! President Obama signed sweeping measures aimed at curbing gun violence; more than a month after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook. President Obama said, “This is our first task as a society: keeping our children […]

The Newtown, Conn., shootings that took place last month, where 20 children and 7 school officials were brutally murdered by a lone shooter, has almost everyone debating about whether our nation’s educators should carry guns in order to defend themselves and their classrooms against the next possible school invader. MSNBC’s liberal political commentator Ed Schultz recently interviewed […]