The Talent Show is next with 3 contestants vying for the right to be today’s best.  Will it be 1) Jada, 2) Kamya or 3) Caroline? Call up and vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

Gina and Norman is next on Clues and Categories.  Who will take Game 2?  The ladies are up 1-0.  Check it out right now!

It’s the Talent Show with 3 contestants showing off their singing skills.  Will it be LB, Tekia or Sandy?  Call and vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

Talent Show is coming up next as 3 contestants vie for the title of the best singer.  Carla goes against Liz and Elijah.  Vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

The Talent Show is happening right now on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  Will it be 1) Jennifer, 2) Jamie, or 3) Leslie? Vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE) .

It’s Clues and Categories on a Hump Day Wednesday with the men and women tied at 1-1.  Who will take Game 3 and go ahead?  Angela versus Eric.

Courtesy of Getty Images; Story from Mail Online South American man decides after being together with his girlfriend for 80 years that he is going to marry her.  The gentleman is 103 and his bride is 99.  They have 8 children, 50 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren.  This story is hard to believe, but its completely […]

Its a Remember When Wednesday Edition of Clues and Categories on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  The ladies are up 2-0.  Who will win?