Multiple reports have stated that Ray J was so inspired after the death of his friend Whitney Houston, that he may become a preacher. In…

VIA Reports on various sites are stating that  Ray J has been so divinely  inspired that he may become a preacher. Could Ray J be contemplating a career shift that leads to the pulpit? Read: Watch Tina & Her Husband Teddy Have The “Dress Sexy” Talk [VIDEO] In the weeks following Whitney Houston’s  sudden, tragic […]

Ray J Has Given His Life To God! Praise the Lord! Ray J, once only known as the little brother of singer Brandy, has given his life over to God. Ray J was very close to the late singer Whitney Houston and many that are close to him say her death has transformed him. Ray […]

Singer and reality TV star Ray J remembers when he met the legendary Michael Jackson for the first time.