In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF is dealing with some questions he has about the Olympics. After watching Michael Phelps land a major win for the USA, he wondered about all of the athletes who made it all the way to the Olympics this year but didn’t win. Those athletes are still some of […]

Summertime always seems so short. We spend most of the year looking forward to the warm weather & beach season, but for some people, by the end of August they are really itching for September. And that’s mainly because they are tired of their children and their children’s friends running around the house. In today’s […]

In this edition of the Faith Walk, Erica Campbell recalls finding out that her husband Warryn Campbell had kidney cancer in 2008. She immediately went to prayer and trusting in God’s ability to remove the cancer from her husband’s body. Erica talks about how much suffering Warryn didn’t have to go through, because of their […]

GRIFF’s Prayer is about something many can relate to: the desire to have back the awesome metabolism from younger years! Listen to GRIFF and Erica Campbell have some fun, and listen to them live on “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell” weekdays from 6-10 am EST.

If you’ve ever had a visitor who stayed at your home too long, you will absolutely love this prayer from GRIFF today! Hear GRIFF’s Prayer live on “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell” weekdays 6-10 am EST!

In this Faith Walk, Erica Campbell talks about going through not only her husband’s cancer scare, but her own as well. She opens up about getting the phone call from the doctors about her husbands cancer, and going through the process of recognizing the reality of it. She recalls falling onto her knees and just […]

Jo Jo Martin calls Erica Campbell & GRIFF– from a hospital bed -to talk about his powerful testimony. He opens up about living with Renal Disease, and surviving a brother who lost his life due to kidney failure. He talks about the process of giving a kidney to someone who is on the transplant list, and what is usually […]

GRIFF‘s love and respect for his friend and co-host Erica Campbell‘s talents compels him to pray that they get recognized at the Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas. His love and confidence in her skills leads him to ask God for some pretty big things, including to “shine down the Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson anointing of receiving awards.” […]

A touching photo shows two siblings taking some time to reflect before parting ways for the day. The picture shared on Facebook by WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi, shows the kids standing in a driveway in front of their home. The boy, Jordan Wyatt, is dressed for school, wearing a white shirt tucked into his khakis. His little sister, Marlie […]

On a meditation Monday, Pastor Andre Riggs spent time with the morning show family discussing prayer and three fundamental things one should keep in mind, especially if…

Celine Dion, arguably one of the best recording artists of our time, is receiving a flood of support  from her supporters and celebrity colleagues after…

It’s the first wellness wednesday of 2016! We’re focusing on starting your days off right in this new year, and that means with enough fuel, both…