Rejoice in this day that God has made. Make sure you start your day with a praise. Make sure you keep praising him throughout the day. And definitely make sure you end the day with a praise. Thank God for being the God of your salvation and the author and the finisher of your faith. […]

In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about people who love church on Sunday.

In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explains that there are blessings at the bottom.

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell asked listeners to unleash their inner songbirds.

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell tells a story of when she was praising Jesus in the car on her way to work, and she looked over and noticed another driver looking at her like the crazy church lady. She explains that she feels unashamed by this, exclaiming “I didn’t even know I […]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell was listening to 1 Corinthians 4, when Paul was telling the Christians about being mindful of how they handle their God-given gifts. This inspired Erica Campbell to advise us; don’t take God’s glory. Of course, it’s tempting to give in when you’re in front of a crowd […]

Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton appeared on The Real yesterday (September 12th) and they discussed their Parisian engagement. Adrienne told her co-hosts how everything went down, saying, “I’m actually taking a shower and getting ready for the day in Paris … and all of a sudden I hear this knock on the door.” When she […]

Erica Campbell and GRIFF had the chance to chat with writer, actor and producer Tyler Perry about his political drama on TLC, “Too Close To Home.” He opens up about his favorite part of the process of creating a new film, play or TV show. Plus, he talks about when we can expect to see […]

Erica Campbell dedicates the edition of Joy Living to those who constantly deal with a case of the Blahs. Typically the Blahs makes you feel like you lack excitement or any other kind of specific and positive emotion. It’s that grey rainy day feeling that you just can’t shake, of feeling empty. But Erica & […]

In this edition of Faith Talk, Erica Campbell talks about going straight to the word of God, through both gospel music and the bible, in order to change her atmosphere when she feels like negative thoughts are threatening her faith and peace of mind. She talks about being determined to live in victory, and to […]

We open our hymnals to Hymn 379, and we begin to sing. “God is Love, let heav’n adore him / God is Love, let earth rejoice …” Lifting voices together in praise can be a transcendent experience, unifying a congregation in a way that is somehow both fervent and soothing. But is there actually a […]

Praise In The Park 2015 LINEUP (Tentative to change) 12:00pm-12:09pm – Praise 103.9 Welcome featuring Lonnie Hunter 12:19pm-12:34pm – Faith And Favor 12:44pm-12:54pm – Jermaine Dolly 1:04pm-1:19pm – Tim Bowman Jr. 1:29pm-1:44pm – Janice Gaines 1:54pm-2:09pm – Geoffrey Golden 2:19pm-2:29pm – Totally 4 Him 2:39pm-2:59pm – Deon Kipping 3:09pm-3:19pm – Twyse 3:29pm-3:49pm – Anita Wilson 3:59pm-4:19pm – Myron Butler 4:29pm-4:49pm […]