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Hosted by Tiffany Bacon Culture Check: Philly Flash Mobs    Guest:  Maurice Graves Women’s History Month: Self Esteem in Women Guests: Jennifer L. Reid, Shaleah L. Sutton, and Tandra Harris-Maurice  Graves  Uniquely You Summit Women’s History Month: Girl’s Track   Guests: Michael Reid, Emmit Brayboy, Denise Fortune, Deanna Barrow,  and Alissa Solomon Girl’s Track 215-683-4000 […]

Uniquely You Summit Girl’s Track 215-683-4000

Hosted by Tiffany Bacon Guests: Rahnda Rize, Tracey Lynn, and Donavan West Download Knot Just My Hair ( hour 1 of 2 ) Download Knot Just My Hair ( hour 2 of 2 )  

Hosted by Tiffany Bacon Special Guest: Rev. Cheryl Hill-Herder of Path of Life Christian Ministries of Marlton, NJ Friend of Show: Maurice Graves Producer: Red Chris (Hour 1 of 2)   (Hour 2 of 2)  

Special Guests: Gabrielle Wanamaker and Sarah R. Langley and friend of the show, Maurice Graves Hour 1   Hour 2    From the New Year, New You series Getting Your Mind Right: How to Deal with Issues of the Mind ————————————————————————- also on the show, Dorothy Johnson Spite MOTHERS IN CHARGE WELCOMES TV JUDGE GLENDA […]

Host, Tiffany Bacon was joined by The Cheese Cake Lady aka Vanessa Jackson, Maurice Graves, and Kareem Rogers. Topics: Obama Nobel Peace Prize / Cheese Cake / The Giving Season (encore)  ::Original Air Date:: 12-12-2009 Producer: Red Chris  (Hour 1 of 2)    (Hour 2 of 2)  

Host, Tiffany Bacon was joined by Pendet Davis, Anthony B. Miles and Maurice Graves. Topics: Tiger Woods /AIDS – HIV / Credit OriginalAir Date: December 5th, 2009 Producer: Red Chris  (Hour 1)    (Hour 2)