Today we highlighting the work of The Urban League of Philadelphia and in particularly the work being done to help youth programming in the tri-state area. Here with us is the CFO of The Urban League, John Barber.  

Please join us right here on Praise In the City as we welcome recording artist and down to earth friend Chrisette Michele to the program to discuss her trials, tribulations, triumphs, and the importance of loving yourself.  

src=”” alt=”TIFFANY BACON” width=”150″ height=”150″ />Do you feel our society is becoming more intolerant or not? Do you agree with the potential political implications of the intolerance that is being exhibited. Here to discuss this is special guest and friend to the show, Donovan West.  

Are you or a loved one dealing with an intellectual disability and need help navigating  through the situation? Guest Steven Davis of the Person Link Program is here to talk about the services the program provides for these special cases.  

  Today’s program is focusing on the work of a youth led organization (Youth Advocacy Institute) committed to helping other youth stay away from cigarettes with the Philly First Campaign. Part 1:  Part 2: 

Today on Praise In The City we tackle the delicate issue of child molestation. Our guests on the show are part of the upcoming film, Touched, that opens the  floor for discussion on this important topic. Terrence Takim, John Canada, and Dezzie Neal join us.  

In this edition of Praise In The City we bring together Dana of Me Productions and Andre of Plain Talk Philly to talk about The YAN (Youth Activist Network), which is a program designed to build leadership skills in our youth.  

Welcome to 2016!  Listen as we recap the ups and downs of 2015 with special guest and friend to the show, Donovan West.  

Today’s edition of Praise In The City is talking about the importance of having medical insurance. Here to talk to us about this is CMS Project Coordinator through the PHMC Navigator Program is Tiffany Metts.  

Today’s edition of Praise In The City is asking  what are you doing to give back to the community this Holiday Season. Also aside from the Holidays, what things can we do to build community on a whole? In studio we have guests Jessica Marcia-Clemons (4th Annual Stocking Stuffer for the Homeless) and David Simms of Eatible […]

Today’s edition of Praise In The City is merging the theater arts and public health with the discussion of some themes in a new play. You Gotta Eat Dirt Before You Die is the play and here to discuss this is director of the play, Malcolm Kenyatta Green.  

Today’s edition of Praise In The City we focus on the benefits of a Quaker Education and also the social strains that young people go through because of their diversified education and upbringing. here to discuss this with us is Byron Davis, the Head of Upper School at Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia.