In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell discusses what she calls a "social media time warp."

As Christians, seeking and maintaining peace plays an important role in our overall happiness. Here are five Bible verses to remind you of the importance of peace in your life. All are taken from the New International Version Bible. 1) Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” 2) […]

In this edition of Faith Talk, Erica Campbell talks about going straight to the word of God, through both gospel music and the bible, in order to change her atmosphere when she feels like negative thoughts are threatening her faith and peace of mind. She talks about being determined to live in victory, and to […] Emotional intelligence is an important, yet overlooked life skill. The word “intelligence” is hardly ever associated with emotions; we frequently use it to describe someone’s…

Although it’s a new year, many of us are still living without peace. Listen to the audio player to hear Yolanda Adams discuss how to…

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Davares Burnett is from North Carolina and has been singing since the age of 3. In addition to being a singer, Davares is also a worship leader and vocal coach/trainer at her church. She is also known for her quote, “Helping you become a better you”. Live by the spirit and walk by the spirit! […]

An affirmation is a great way to start training your mind toward a positive way of thinking.  Coupled with other positive thinking exercises, a positive affirmation will help you overcome any obstacle that is put in front of you.  The object of these positive thinking exercises is to ensure that you train the most powerful […]

Well here we are; a new year has dawned upon us.