In this edition of GRIFF's prayer he submits a serious prayer to God about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's entire presidential campaign began with his controversial stance on immigration and his plans to target Muslims.

Here's the scoop on everything you need to know on what the president is up to this week.

Officials are looking into a possible hate crime in which a severed pig’s head was thrown in front of a North Philadelphia mosque. According to Philly, the incident happened around 11 p.m. on Sunday. Surveillance cameras caught a suspicious red van driving near the Al Aqsa Islamic Society. The vehicle drove past the mosque twice; the second time, the pig’s […]

Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim high school student who alarmed teachers for making a clock thought to be a bomb, will not be charged.

A White supremacist has been convicted of plotting to build and use a radiation device to kill President Barack Obama and Muslims.


Muslim organizations have banded together to raise $100,000 in an effort to help rebuild Black churches in the South that were torched in recent months,…

News you can use…. Weather: Today: Sunny and Pleasant High: Low 70’s Lawmakers Are Back! Prayerfully, They Will Approve The Cigarette Tax For Philly’s Public Schools! It’s back to the state capitol today and prayerfully they will finally approve and pass the much-needed cigarette tax which will generate the money to fund our Philadelphia public […]


The kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian girls has people around the world outraged. Pastor Jamal Bryant joined “The James Fortune Show” to discuss the tragedy…

(Oct. 21) — NPR has fired longtime news analyst Juan Williams after he told the Fox News Channel that he gets nervous when he sees Muslims on airplanes. Williams appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Monday, and host Bill O’Reilly asked him what he thought about the idea that America is facing a “Muslim dilemma.” […]