Hillary Clinton

The political show that is our 2016 election hit mid-season dramatic heights with the first presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Candidates have rigorously prepared for weeks, but as history has proven, winning is based on conduct. The candidate who proves to be the most poised, precise, and pragmatic will take home the winner's card.

Jerry Wells comments on Donald Trump’s admission that President Obama was born in the U.S.

Obama tells the Black community he would feel insulted if they don't come out in large numbers to vote for Clinton. A vote for Clinton is a vote for Obama's legacy.

First Lady Michelle Obama wowed the crowd at George Mason University.

Retired Republican four-star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell has little to no respect for his party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to newly released emails hacked from his private account. In comments about Trump in a June 17, 2016, email to Emily Miller, a journalist who once worked under Powell as a deputy press secretary […]

The First Lady is valuable to the Clinton campaign; in juxtaposition to Clinton, Obama continuously soars in popularity and reliability.

Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. Will her diagnosis give Trump more ammunition against the presidential hopeful?

Witnesses who attended the service said Clinton appeared fine, but after a Twitter video emerged showing the candidate buckling at the knees before she entered her security van, the health rumors began to spread.

Unfortunately, this hasn't been the first time Sen. Clinton's health has been questioned.

President Obama and The First Lady gracefully cover the October issue of Essence Magazine for a farewell issue, set to hit newsstands on September 9.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to let the actress know she stands with her following this week's vicious internet attack.