In Joy Living, Erica Campbell discusses the importance of focusing on our happy.

Erica Campbell discusses how difficult it can be to hold on to your joy during the holiday season. This doesn’t even necessarily because people are single, or dealing with family issues- it happens because of the shift into cold weather and lack of sunshine. But Erica urges us to hold onto our joy through our […]

Dr. Ivan Hernandez is a father, a fitness enthusiast and a New York State Doctor of Physical Therapy. His primary purpose to help people live a life that is gratifying through being well. He discusses what we need to know about Alzheimer’s Disease, which afflicts African Americans at twice the rate of the rest of […]

In this edition of Joy Living, Erica Campbell talks about making sure we keep the joy of the Lord in our hearts. This way, she says, we can dispel all of the negative energy that builds up when we find ourselves going through tough times. Sure, it won’t make problems go away, but it will […]

Happiness is a choice so make happiness your choice and encourage others for follow the formula for happiness. Just simply chose to be HAPPY!

As we all know earlier this week we celebrated the day of happiness. What I’ve learned over the years is happiness is a choice. Speaking of choice.. Where would you choose to live to beHappy if you can go anywhere ? Where do you think you would be the happiest? Here are the TOP 7 […]

If everyone shared joy and happiness daily, the world would be a better place. Listen to this edition of AV’s Say What to hear how…

Pharrell Williams has inspired people of all ages to get “happy” with his new song. Watch the video below to see kids and teens dancing…

Today’s personal life coaching tips are the wind beneath your wings, lifting you to your feet to be a happier person! 1. Recognize and appreciate positive experiences 2. Acknowledge that it is up to you to be happy! 3. Make an effort to be happy! 4. Look for the positives and even the negatives, seeking […]


According to research, people with the attitude of gratitude are the happiest people of all. When it comes to creating positive changes in individuals, families, and organizations, gratitude is the powerful force to do just that. Find more about the happiest people at all at Source: Black Christian News Photo Credit: Praise-Indy  

Today’s personal life coaching tips are designed to be the wind beneath your wings, lifting you to your feet to help you put some “happy” in your job! Most of us spend lots of time on our jobs. If you don’t like your job, you can either find another job or figure out how to […]

Today’s personal life coaching is the wind beneath your wings, lifting you to your feet to ways to claim your happiness! Most of us know the song by Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” Well, if you want your life to whistle to that tune, you can do just that by “being”: Be intentional-Be intent […]