Courtesy of ABC News George Zimmerman is currently being held by police after a domestic violence incident with his wife where she discovered a gun in the house that they lived together so he pulled a knife then eventually a gun on her and her father.  Mrs. Zimmerman had recently announced that she had plans […]

This literally might be the saddest commercial you’ll ever have to watch. It’s PSA from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence urging Americans to “Stand up to ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in 26 states across the country. The PSA reenacts the night George Zimmerman took Trayvon Martin’s life, but adds a twist at the end that really opens […]

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History wants the hooded sweatshirt Trayvon Martin was wearing when he was shot and killed. The 17-year-old was shot and…

  The only minority juror in the George Zimmerman trial told ABC’s Good Morning America that Zimmerman “got away with murder.” Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges…

Florida’s WFTV has discovered that Zimmerman jurors spent hours of alone time with family that could have impacted the verdict. Read more at Source: NewsOne Photo Credit: NewsOne-Facebook

In a press conference today President Obama discussed the George Zimmerman verdict and how race played a huge part in the incident. He talked about how Trayvon Martin could have been him 35 years ago. He goes into detail about how the African American community interpreted what happened the night Trayvon was killed. He also […]

(New York, NY)—Trayvon Martin’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin will stand with Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network for the “Justice for Trayvon” 100 city vigils this Saturday, July 20th. Sybrina Fulton and her surviving son Jahvaris Fulton will stand with Rev. Al Sharpton and NAN at One Police Plaza at Noon in […]

Zimmerman “Juror B37” recently did a televised interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and the statements she made have caused four of the six jurors to distance themselves from her. The four jurors issued a brief statement Tuesday on court stationery saying the opinions expressed by “Juror B37” to CNN’s Anderson Cooper are not representative of […]

photo by: getty images Under Pennsylvania’s “Stand Your Ground Law” Would The George Zimmerman Verdict Have Been Any Different? With the George Zimmerman trial and final verdict having drawn a significant amount of national attention, there has also been a large spotlight placed on the “Stand Your Ground” laws. Generally, the laws, which are enacted in about 20 states, […]

The woman behind the Twitter and campaigns that put Juror B37‘s book deal to a screeching halt is New York-bred Genie Lauren. Twitter and…

photo by: Getty Images George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin on Saturday July 13th. The verdict finally gives closure to a high-profile case that galvanized racial sentiment not seen since the O.J. Simpson murder trial happened two decades earlier. An six-person all-women jury in the […]