A federal appeals court allows New Orleans to remove three prominently displayed Confederate monuments.


The trial of Dylann Roof, who murdered nine innocent church members in Charleston, South Carolina back in 2015, has officially come to an end. Sentencing in his trial was announced today and Roof, 22, was sentenced to the death penalty. Throughout the course of the trial Dylann Roof showed absolutely no remorse when detailing his […]


Dylann Roof faces the death penalty or life in prison when the penalty phase of his hate crimes trial resumes on January 3.

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A federal jury has convicted Dylann Roof in the racially motivated slayings of nine black church members in South Carolina. The jury reached its verdict after less than two hours of deliberations. They convicted the 22-year-old white man of hate crimes and other charges. They will reconvene next month to decide whether he should get […]

An often-quoted old saying says, “Every man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client,” meaning, of course, that acting as your own lawyer usually ends badly for you. Notwithstanding that, accused Charleston NC church killer Dylann Roof was granted permission by a federal judge on Monday, Nov. 28th, to defend himself at his […]

In a recent interview with the Black Collective, Dwayne Stafford opens about what went down and why.


Mother Emanuel Church shooter Dylann Roof was involved in an altercation in jail around 7:45 a.m. Thursday morning, WCBD reports. According to the incident report, Dwayne Marion Stafford, 26, a fellow inmate at a Charleston County jail, escaped his room, ran down a flight of stairs, and hit Roof several times in the face and […]

Currently, Roof faces 33 federal offenses, including hate crime charges based on the allegation that he purposely targeted members of Emanuel based on their race and religion.

Defense attorneys claim that the case against their client is unconstitutional and infringes on the state's current murder case.

This weekend, there will be numerous events throughout the state of South Carolina to honor the nine lives that were lost.


Out of the 33 federal charges against Roof, the accusation that he violated the prayer group's right to freely practice religion will weigh heavy when considering the death penalty.

Church officials gave the families of the victims $1.5 million, but are retaining $1.8 million for building maintenance, memorials and scholarships.