src=”” alt=”TIFFANY BACON” width=”150″ height=”150″ />Do you feel our society is becoming more intolerant or not? Do you agree with the potential political implications of the intolerance that is being exhibited. Here to discuss this is special guest and friend to the show, Donovan West.  

Today’s edition of Praise In The City is sparked by the recent events involving protests at the University Of Missouri that eventually led to the stepping down of the school’s president. with us to guide in the discussion is Ameen Akbar (Dir. of student Life at Youth Build Philadelphia Charter School), Temple Doctoral Student, Marian […]

Today’s edition of Praise In The City focuses on going back to school, but as an adult. Deciding to get a degree or deciding to go back for a degree can be very challenging with all the responsibilities of being an adult. Here to help us discuss this is friend to the program and off-site […]

Are we too independent for our own good? Are we too independent in our faith and relationships? That’s the topic this 4th of July with special guest and off-site producer, Donovan West.

Today’s edition of Praise In The City gets deep into the conversation about the outcome of the indicted Baltimore police officers charged with death of Freddie Gray while in their custody. To help us have this conversation are friends to the program, off-site producer, Donovan West and political columnist, Denise Clay.

Today’s edition of Praise In The City asks do you have trouble being happy when others are blessed? If not, why do you think people have problems with other’s blessings? This comes out of a story where a Detroit man received money started by an anonymous Go Fund Me campaign and was gifted a car […]

As the year comes to a close Praise In The City asks what were the things that affected you the most? This is the year that was right here on Praise In The City.

It’s the Holiday Season, but with so much going on does it really feel like Christmas? What are you doing to keep the Reason for the Season alive and what does that mean to you? Here to help us discuss the Holiday Feeling is friend and off site producer, Donovan West with daughter J-Dub.

Are you living a full life? What does it mean to live a full life? These questions arise out of the passing of Joan Rivers who said that she has lived a full life. Joining us in this conversation is friend to the program, Donovan West.