Today’s edition of Praise In The City gets deep into the conversation about the outcome of the indicted Baltimore police officers charged with death of Freddie Gray while in their custody. To help us have this conversation are friends to the program, off-site producer, Donovan West and political columnist, Denise Clay.

Today’s edition of Praise In The City wants you to explore how you feel about the film, Selma. Did you see it? Are you going to see it? If not, why? On the line to discuss the film and some the politics of it is our dear friend to the program, columnist Denise Clay.

Today’s edition of Praise In The City asks what your take is on politics and the up coming Mid-Term Elections. Are you getting involved in the political process or are you letting it all pass you by? How do you handle the information you receive from the media? Are you too tied up in your […]

In light of the recent event in Ferguson, Missouri where a unarmed young Black male was shot and killed by a police officer we are focusing our attention on the profiling and execution of the Black Men in America. Our panel includes attorneys Michael Coard (, David Chisolm, II (, actor, director, and playwright Lee […]

Today’s edition of Praise In The City is a two part program. First we will discuss the state of Philadelphia Schools and secondly the question is asked ‘How do we look at who we are as Black people’? What does it mean to be Black? We are going to investigate that with guest, journalist Denise […]