A man allegedly caught researching acts of domestic terrorism and amassing more than a dozen firearms will spend at least two weeks in federal custody, a Maryland federal judge decided today. U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson, 49, was arrested on charges of firearm and drug possession, but Judge Charles Day said that Hasson’s […]

Philadelphia officials have agreed to pay $127,500 to a former female employee of the Sheriff’s Office who last year sued the city claiming that repeated sexual harassment by Sheriff Jewell Williams rendered her emotionally broken and caused her to quit her job. “The City of Philadelphia was the defendant in this case. The decision to […]

https://www.facebook.com/mlive/videos/10155122540633896/ A 50-year old Detroit man, who admitted to killing all four of ex-girlfriend’s children, had to face her in court on Wednesday. According to M Live, Gregory Green killed 5-year-old Koi Green, 4-year-old Kaleigh Green, 19-year-old Chadney Allen and 17-year-old Kara Allen by gassing them with carbon monoxide in a Toyota parked in the driveway of […]

An often-quoted old saying says, “Every man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client,” meaning, of course, that acting as your own lawyer usually ends badly for you. Notwithstanding that, accused Charleston NC church killer Dylann Roof was granted permission by a federal judge on Monday, Nov. 28th, to defend himself at his […]

Last June, six men were dragged out of Lakewood Church after interrupting Pastor Joel Osteen’s sermon. Wednesday, four of them — Kevin Fessler, Matthew Martinez, Randall Valdez, and Mark DeRouville — walked out of the Harris County Courthouse singing in victory after they were cleared of all charges. “We were unashamed of the gospel onto […]


What better way to apologize than to sing your way out of trouble?

A grand jury has convened to decide whether two White police officers will be charged in the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old Black child who was killed while playing with a toy gun at a Cleveland, Ohio park last fall.

Black History Month

https://instagram.com/p/6vtpwTIg8m/ A 25-year-old Black woman is making history by becoming the youngest judge in the history of Easley, South Carolina. According to ForHarriet.com, Jasmine Twitty — a graduate of the College of Charleston — has long been recognized for her dedication to developing young people into professionals. Now, the young woman is solidifying her place […]

The return of O.J. Simpson to a Las Vegas courtroom Monday will remind Americans of a tragedy that became a national obsession and in the process changed…

Madeline Tims to Argue Case for Privacy in New York City Court Room Wednesday   The legal challenge filed by the mother of Zachery Tims to prevent the City of New York and its medical examiner’s office from publicly revealing the Florida pastor’s cause of death goes before a New York State justice this week. […]

Court trials have become spectacles for the American public. Heroes and villains are made in the media and court trials have a way of dividing America. They serve as entertainment as the public roots for or against defendants. Controversial cases always make for controversial verdicts; and we’ve seen many in the last 20 years. Here’s […]

I’ve been watching the trial of Conrad Murray, the doctor accused of being responcible for the death of Micheal Jackson, and thought, “mann, what if I was on the jury.” Would you want to serve on the jury?  If so, why?  If not? Why not?