In GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF doesn't like people criticizing Travis Greene & Chrisette Michele

R&B songstress Chrisette Michele has reportedly signed on to perform at president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday. According to The New York Daily News, event organizers reached out to Michele’s camp a week ago, but planned to keep it “a big secret” following scrutiny artists like Jennifer Holliday faced. Organizers allegedly approached Michele to perform […]

Please join us right here on Praise In the City as we welcome recording artist and down to earth friend Chrisette Michele to the program to discuss her trials, tribulations, triumphs, and the importance of loving yourself.  

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On Thursday, Kierna Mayo, Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine, and JeffriAnne Wilder, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of North Florida, spoke with Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now discussion panel about the magazine cover that has set social media ablaze.

Chrisette Michele’s is getting ready to spend a couple forevers with a very special man. Her road to Happily Ever After has been a rocky one that included a nasty lawsuit and an enchanted reconciliation. A few weeks back, Chrisette hinted at a huge change in her life with a post on Instagram that suggested […]

Against all odds, Chrisette Michele announces her engagement

It started with a simple question — “At what age did you feel like a woman?” The ages vary, the discernment different, but the answers, all…

Chrisette Michele is an American R&B singer and professing Christian (Credit: GETTY) In 2013, R&B singer Chrisette Michele, 31, talked about giving her life back…

Chrisette Michele discusses a negative relationship with a Pastor article courtesy of