The Preacher’s wife, Melanie Bryant Hearst, joins Solomon Jones each Wednesday on Praise 107.9 HD2 to answer those church questions you just can’t ask the pastor. This week, at First Greater Shiloh Apostolic Baptist Church of the Hood, Mother Jackson will not let go. She’s been the main honcho in the church kitchen since 1952. […]

The gospel singer and pastor wants us to pray instead, but why can't we do both?

In an interview with The Associated Press, Jakes opened up about his new self-titled talk show, this year's 'vicious" presidential campaign and the country not being as divided as it seems.


In times past, African-Americans have pretended to pass as a white person to avoid harassment and discrimination. The reverse has happened many times as well,(think Rachel Dolezal) as in the case of Rev. L.M. Fenwick, who was a white pastor pretending to be Black. The Fenwick case is curious and not rich in detail, although historians […]

When arrested, Sommervell County Sheriff’s Deputy William Cox said “the black c–n started killing my boys in Dallas." Thankfully, he lost his job because of it.

Since its February launch, more than 100 houses of faith have enrolled in the Grace Church Websites program.

Marcus D. Wiley busting on church’s with terrible website etiquette. Listen to this edition of Church Busters to hear the dos and don’ts of the church web…

An extremely influential portion of our society today is most certainly religion. In African American households especially, the Black church has been essentially passed down to families through history. For many people, it governs their everyday life and many black families spend over 70% of their time attending and participating in Church activities for wholesome […]

If you have been to a Black Church then you know all about the always entertaining Praise Break, when the Holy Ghost takes over and there is nothing you can do but shout & dance for the lord! Well we came across a hilarious video which teaches different techniques of the professional praiser! Also Check […]  During the early years and height of the Civil Rights movement, the black church was often considered the heartbeat of our communities. Rallies, protests, and community meetings were held in places of worship to discuss current social and sometimes political issues that affected neighborhoods on a local, state, and national level. In 2012, can […]

Curtis Glendell Mathews, pastor of one of the oldest Black churches in the south was arrested late Tuesday night and accused of arranging sexual trysts with a juvenile, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Mathews, who for the last 15 years has served as pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, was arrested […]

DeJuaii Pace, the daughter of a preacher and member of the Anointed Pace Sisters has revealed to the Root her sexual orientation as a lesbian, the fact that she is a virgin and her struggles with food addiction. Pace will appear on Oprah’s new show “Addicted To Food.” The Root reports: I didn’t tell anyone […]