Battle of The Sexes

The Talent Show is on right now.  1) Ajah versus 2) Eddie , who will get the most votes? Call 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE) to cast your vote.

Clues and Categories is next as Gizelle goes against Rashaun.  Who will take Thursday’s game?

Clues and Categories is next as the men look to clinch another week of winning for a fifth consecutive week.  Will they go out on top?  Towana versus Mike is next!

Clues and Categories Game 2 pits 1) Ilene versus 2) Earvin. Will the ladies tie the game up or will the men take another game?

Clues and Categories is next as 1) Shameka goes against 2) Michael.  Who will take Game 3?

1) Melissa goes against 2) James on Clues and Categories.  Who will take Game 1?

It’s the Talent Show Battle of The Sexes style as 1) Terri sings against 2) Charles.  Who do you want? 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

Clues and Categories is next.  Will the men finish off the week or will the ladies halt the early celebration? The contestants are Mona and Maurice.

Clues and Categories coming up next as the gentleman try win a 3rd consecutive week.  Let’s find out how it goes down as Freddie goes against Terrell!

It’s time for a Battle of The Sexes Talent Show.  Call up and vote for Champale or Jerome at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).  

Clues and Categories is on tap right now on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  The men are up 2-0.  Will they take the week?  1) Jermaine goes against 2) Ilene right now.

Who will take today’s Talent Show?  Melissa, Zania or Shanita?  Call up and vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).