Battle of The Sexes

Clues and Categories is next as Tisha goes head to head against Sloan.  Check it out!

The Talent Show is on right now as 1) Jeff sings against 2) Evie.  Who will you vote for? 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

Vay goes against Marvin for today’s Clues and Categories.  Who will take the week?  

Clues and Categories is next as Devonya goes against Eric.  Who will take Game 2?

Nakita and Keenan go head to head for today’s Clues and Categories in honor of the Veteran’s Day.  

Clues and Categories is happening right now.  The ladies have taken the week, but can the men go out into the weekend with their head held high?

Dennis versus Charletta is next on Clues and Categories.  Will the men tie it up and go to a sudden death tomorrow?

Clues and Categories is on right now as the ladies have a 2-0 lead for the week.  Will they take the week or will the men get on the comeback trail?  Lewis versus Sharon is next!

Clues and Categories Game 2 is next on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  Who will it be? Tisha or Michael?  Find out now!

Latonya goes against Jerry for a Monday Edition of the Talent Show.  Call up and vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).  

Angela goes against Vince for Friday’s Edition of Clues and Categories.

Clues and Categories is next as Billy goes against Kimberly.  Will the ladies take the week for the first time in over a month?  Find out now!