Courtesy of Boston Dot Com The mayor of Detroit Dave Bing took offense to recent comments made the Boston mayor in a magazine article about Detroit in which he claimed, “blow up the place and start all over“, according to the New York Times Magazine. He feels that using this phrase is a poor choice of […]

    Aretha Franklin says Detroit’s future is bright. The Detroit native, known as the “Queen of Soul,” is reacting to her city’s bankruptcy. In…

from: The city of Detroit has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Sources say Detroit could go into bankruptcy as early as Friday. Governor Rick Snyder approved Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr request on Tuesday July 16. More from WXYZ, Detroit’s deficit is $18 billion dollars, $11 billion is unsecured including the pensions and retiree health care for 30,000 Detroit […]

Deuteronomy 15 v. 1-11 speaks of the year of jubilee. Specifically, verse 4 indicates that on the year of jubilee (every seven years), all creditors had to release their debtors for all debts owed to them and this debt is forgiven. It is not a coincidence that you are entitled to a Bankruptcy Chapter 7 […]

Under the Bankruptcy code you have the legal right, not a gift, to walk away from your debts (with very limited exclusions) once every eight years. Why would you use your limited resources to pay credit card bills, when the law give you the right to walk away and concentrate on the bills you must […]

Under the Bankruptcy Code you have a right to a fresh start. General Motors did it and got their “Fresh Start,” why shouldn’t you? Think of it as your bail out. It’s just that you have had this bail out since the 70’s.