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Bishop Patrick Wooden, Sr., President and CEO of the Upper Room COGIC is not too happy with Beyonce’s song ‘Church Girl’ with Twinkie Clark’s sample, on her new ‘Renaissance’ album. Pastor Wooden says, “Beyonce just released sacrilege … somebody done sold their soul to the devil.”

“When you sell your soul to the devil, you end up on the short end of the stick. Because you only got so long to live.”

And then the pastor offered his insight on where Bey will go once she transitions out of this world, suggesting that she will be sent straight to hell. “When [Beyonce] leaves here, when she’s gone … she’s going to be there forever.”

He also made a comment for Twinkie Clark, the lead singer of The Clark Sisters who wrote the song that ‘Church Girl” samples.

Beyonce’s Pastor Defends Her Image!

“I don’t know whether [Twinkie] knew what [Beyonce] was going to do with the song or not, but [Twinkie] knows [Beyonce] isn’t saved,” he said of the 67-year-old.  “I pray to God that a stiff denunciation of what she did with that song is put out.”

The pastor says, “This piece of trash that was released, and she named it Church Girl.”

The bishop claims that he’s not able to recite the specific lyrics to his congregation because they were “so filthy.”

Here’s the hook from Bey’s song Church Girl:

I’ll drop it like a thotty, drop it like a thotty
I said, now pop it like a thotty, pop it like a thotty (you bad)
Mi seh, now drop it like a thotty, drop it like a thotty (you bad)
Church girls actin’ loose, bad girls actin’ snotty (you bad)

Doesn’t sound too bad, right. Well there are a few lines that the pastor takes issue to. One lyric, Beyonce talks about being “on the other side” and “smiling.” Look:

I’m finally on the other side, I finally found the urge to smile
Swimmin’ through the oceans of tears we cried (tears that we’ve cried)
You know you got church in the morning (the morning)
But you’re doin’ God’s work, you’re goin’ in
She ain’t tryna hurt nobody
She is tryna do the best she can
Happy on her own, with her friends, without a man

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