A white guy, disguised as a a black guy, managed to rip off four banks and a CVS in Ohio before he was caught. No, we’re not kidding. Maybe Conrad Zdzierak was inspired by “Soul Man (1986),” or even Robert Downey Jr.’s performance in “Tropic Thunder” (2008), but the 30-year-old, former Florida resident didn’t rely […]

(CNN) — If you were to ask a group of Quakers or Mennonites whether it’s OK for police or soldiers to use rubber bullets against rock-throwing children, you wouldn’t be surprised if they said, “Absolutely not!” They are well-known for their commitment to pacifism. But what if you were to put the question this way: […]

When we laugh our muscles relax and we release endorphins into our system. These endorphins (or happy hormones) make us feel good and relieve stress from our bodies. By relieving our bodies of stress and pent-up anxiety, we help boost our immunity and fight off a host of illnesses and conditions. Read more here.

Velma Hart (pictured) of Upper Marlboro, Md., got her 15 minutes of fame this fall when, at a town hall meeting with President Barack Obama, she vocalized the frustrations of an entire nation: “Quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the man for change I voted for, and deeply disappointed […]

The Nov/Dec issue of faith-based glossy Gospel Today is catching flack from some of its subscribers who take issue with Bishop Eddie Long being featured on its cover. With a headline that reads: “Bishop Eddie Long At The Center of The Scandal That Rocked The Church World;” the magazine is being accused of downplaying the […]

The numbers are still the same: one out of every two marriages fail. That means half of the nuptials end up seeing a divorce attorney. With divorce becoming easy to opt for, it’s very obvious that couples who face little problems just leave everything and head for the courts. Marriage needs patience, understanding, trust, effective […]

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) – Some people lay flowers or notes at gravesites. A woman in South Carolina left a handgun. Police in the northwestern county of Spartanburg say a 28-year-old woman who hadn’t been feeling well consulted a spiritual adviser, who told her she needed to return something that was given to her to cleanse […]

You’re 20 minutes into the DVD you started watching with your partner, and that soft rumble you hear isn’t on the sound track. It’s her snoring away. Why do women seem to conk out no matter what’s on screen? Automatic Reaction “We’re tired,” says psychologist Janet Kennedy, who runs NYCSleepDoctor.com. “We lead busy lives, we […]

A federal judge ordered actor Wesley Snipes to surrender to authorities Friday so he can begin serving a three-year prison sentence for tax-related crimes. U.S. District Court Judge William Terrell Hodges in Ocala, Florida, rejected a request from the actor’s attorneys to review Snipes’ sentence and grant a new trial. Snipes has been free on […]

A cancer survivor says she was forced to show her prosthetic breast during a pat-down at an airport in North Carolina. Cathy Bossi, a Charlotte-area flight attendant, told WBTV, a local CBS affiliate, that in August, two female Transportation Security Administration agents took her to a private room for what she calls an aggressive pat-down. […]

(THEROOT)  Black male students trail their white counterparts in school by alarming margins and for reasons that are often not well understood, according to a report released Tuesday. The report from the Council of the Great City Schools, an advocacy organization for urban education, suggests that poverty is not the only factor behind the black-white […]

As a parent, you have to be concerned with every person who has contact with your child. From friends at school to their parents, as well as teachers and strangers met on the street, each individual has the ability to profoundly affect your child. Paying attention to your child’s interactions becomes even more important with […]