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Meek Mill might want to log off from Twitter and Clubhouse until sometime in 2021.

PJ Morton is kicking off 2021 with a bang! A new documentary titled The Making of ‘Gospel According to PJ.’  

On Saturday (Dec 26), Brittany Bell took to Instagram to announce the arrival of their new baby girl, Powerful Queen Cannon, writing that the latest addition was the “best gift ever.”

Even though his time in office is ticking down the current POTUS is feeling generous with his power. He has now given one of Snoop Dogg’s associate a get out of jail free pass. Digital Music News is reporting that the West Coast legend’s former producer has been fully pardoned by none other than Donald […]

The WFT has a chance to clinch the NFC East for the first time since 2015 so changes needed to be made in order to achieve this.

The comedian mourns the loss of his mother days after Christmas.


Naturally Donald Trump has yet to comment on this domestic terrorist act as it's not known whether Warner was making a political statement fueled by the kind of conspiracy theories or white nationalist agenda that Cheeto Jesus is known for pushing

"Thanking God that my mom is out of the hospital and my dad is doing well," Ashanti said. "Needless to say this will be a very different Christmas.. but still filled with gratitude and love."

"It happened two nights in a row," Henson said. "I had purchased a gun not too long ago and it's in a safe. I started going, 'I could go in there right now and just end it all.'"

Once again we are reminded that the pen is mightier than the sword in Hip-Hop. Dr. Dre’s wife might need to lower her expectations when it comes to their separation. As spotted on TMZ the Compton icon made it clear he deals with receipts. This week his legal team provided the courts the original prenuptial document […]