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Many people suffer from seasonal depression because of the decrease in daylight that occurs in the fall and winter along the hormonal changes that comes along with it. Spring is here and it’s a great time to step out of that dark  rut and add some light to your life!

If you could use a hearty boost of happiness, here’s how these 4 “light therapy” techniques can help combat your mood changes:

1) Quit Snoozing

Trying to get that extra 15 minutes in after your alarm goes off is in fact no good for you. Over sleeping, even if only on the weekends, allows your internal body clock to drift out of sync with local time. Because this can trigger a sullen mood, if you snooze… you just might lose.

2) Have the Same Meal Time

Eating at different times is no good for the body. Just as with light, our biological clocks respond to meal timing. It is better to eat at the same time every day, to keep your body at a consistent level. This will help keep your mood balanced.

3) Exercise Outdoors

Try working out in the morning, outdoors. Perhaps you can take a morning jog or a bike ride through the park. If you’re getting more daylight than you otherwise might, you’ll be fighting your depression with physical activity. (not to mention toning up those arms, legs and butt!!!)

4) Brighten Up Your Space

You ever notice how depression is associated with dark and gloomy? Try to create light by opening up windows blinds, curtains and arranging your environment to allow light to shine in. You’d be surprised at how natural sunlight can make you feel bright and cheery!

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