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Superstar producer Mario Winans is being accused of being a deadbeat by his baby momma Janel Bennett.  Mario, who is the nephew of “BeBe” Winans and the son of gospel superstar Vicki Winans, is said to be four months behind on child support payments, according to Janel.

Janel says Mario is supposed to pay $4,500 a month for their son Jordan, who he has not visited.  And despite producing Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris album, in addition to hits for Drake, Destiny’s Child and Whitney Houston, Mario claims he is broke.

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The star producer, who has three other kids with his wife, Joy, has been fighting in court with Janel since 2007. But he recently told the NY Post that he would wire $14,000 to her over the weekend.

“I take pride in my children — it is what it is — I always make sure they are taken care of,” he said.

But the family drama gets deeper when you ask mother Vicki Winans how she feels about Janel. In a 2007 email, Vicki said to her,

“Girl, you did not ask me when you took action and screwed Mario that day! You should have used a defense [a condom]!”

And in another e-mail, Vickie said,

“Nobody likes a stuck-on-themselves pretty white girl with pretty eyes that thinks the world owes them everything.”

When asked about the comments by the NY Post, Vickie said,

“You didn’t hear our phone conversations or the e-mails she sent us! She is evil.  I was singing a concert while they were having a baby. I have nothing to do with this . . . I want to meet my grandbaby, but I’m afraid of her. She’s into all this witchcraft…”Mario is not a deadbeat dad. He doesn’t have the money so I lent it to him to pay her. I am a good grandmother, and I love all of my grandchildren.”