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Faith Walking: With Guest Charles Jenkins

faith walking

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It’s Charles Jenkins guest starring for my sister, Erica Campbell and I’m excited to talk to you about what it means to have faith.


For the revival of everything that word revive. It means to make new again, to make alive again. It’s a picture of upholstery. Taking a couch, pulling out all of the old stuffing.. All of the old cotton, all of the old springs putting brand new stuff in brand new springs. And then making it completely over on the outside, making you and everything around you brand new from the inside out. 


There’s an amazing passage in Luke Chapter 17, verses 11-19. I don’t have time to read the passage for you, but check it out when you get a chance. It’s the story of 10 lepers. They are all in this village, marginalized, alienated, backed, into a corner. They’re in a place where they’re not functional, not able to operate at any level. Of purpose or productivity or progress, and Jesus walks into the village where they are. They’ve got leprosy and that word leprosy, y’all it. It literally means to be smitten, to be hit, or to take a blow, to take a strike. This leprosy is debilitating and it’s disruptive. It’s a blood disease on the inside that could cause you to have great loss on the outside. Your eyebrows could fall off. Your finger could fall off your toe, could fall off your ear, but you could experience great loss. 


The amazing thing about this passage is it tells us what they had, but it doesn’t tell us that they were actually hit something, hit them to cause this disease hits them out of nowhere. And just like this word means to be smitten or hit, or to take a blow, some of you experienced great loss and great challenges and great difficulties and people kind of see maybe emotions or sometimes you can visibly display what you’ve been through. Great loss and and great challenges and great difficulties and people kind of see maybe emotions or sometimes you can visibly display what you’ve been through. 


But they don’t know what hits you. Do they? They only know what they see, but they don’t know what you went through. What you dealt with, what you faced when they realize Jesus is close all of a sudden we start to see the revival of everything. Their possibilities are revived and suddenly they believe that they can see healing. When they realize Jesus is close, I wanna say to you Jesus is close and when you realize he’s close, suddenly what was not possible is possible.  




We see the revival of their possibilities, but the revival of their prayer life, they say, Jesus, master, have mercy on us, they start praying suddenly, he says. Go show yourself to the priest. This village they were stuck in, they walked out of and they start making progress. They had not made after they talked to Jesus. And suddenly it’s game on. 


Listen, God is about to revive your progress. You’re about to make moves and steps that you hadn’t been able to make or see recently. Suddenly, while they’re walking, they start seeing. Healing like like members of their body were that were missing are suddenly back and all sudden they expressed this excitement because they see the physical manifestation of their prayers being answered. 


Listen, God can revive the physical. Whatever is around you that you need to see revived or restored. And lastly, we see the revival of 1 leopard praise the other leopards. Nine kept going like everything was normal, but there was one, he said. I got to go back, fell down. And praise God in an amazing way and celebrated Jesus in a way he had not earlier. 


Listen, don’t show up to God with your prayer request, and when he answers it, don’t circle it back. Circle back to him with your praise report. God is getting ready to revive everything I just got that kind of faith. 




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