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Women of the Bible: Tamar

Source: CS Emanuel Greene / Radio One Digital

March is Women’s History Month and we are celebrating by highlighting the many women who play a major part in stories told in The Bible. Today we are spotlighting Tamar which means “Date Tree” or “Palm Tree”.


2 Samuel 13:1-22

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Tamar was the daughter of King David. She shared her fathers good looks and charm but was naive to the danger that threatened from her own family. The horrifying sorrow that Tamar faced was being raped by her half brother who only saw her as an object for his lust. The effects of this tragedy haunted Tamar and many other women still today who have also been raped. It effects a woman’s existence, influencing her relationships with her husband, with male and female friends, and with her children. Tamar found joy in God for giving us a hope rooted not in the events of this life, but in eternity. His constant presence can bring healing for the loneliness and the detachment many feel. We are reminded that God has the power to restore our hope.

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