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Procrastination and a few extra pounds saved Samantha Frazier‘s life when she got shot Saturday morning in Atlantic City.  “My love handles saved my life,” Frazier told The Press of Atlantic City.  Samantha was down the shore on vacation, visiting family — she’d been at the Tropicana early with her cousin and the two decided to leave and grab a drink before going back to their room at the casino.

On their way over to the bar, Frazier heard a couple of “pops” and they ducked into Herman’s Place on New York Ave.

“Something bit me,” she told her cousin. She moved her hand over the left side of her abdomen where it hurt, “and it was full of blood,” Frazier, 35, told the paper.

Samantha had been shot in the midsection.

Police say she wasn’t the intended target and they’re looking for the shooter.

“I come out on vacation to the world’s largest playground, and I get shot,” Frazier said. “I’m just an innocent bystander.”

Doctors who treated Samantha said her extra belly weight saved her life.

“I’d been hollering how I want to lose weight…I don’t want to lose weight anymore. I want to be as big as I can if it’s going to stop a bullet,” Frazier said.

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