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The Mueller report was supposed to give us that gotcha moment—the moment when we would all finally see for ourselves just how corrupt Donald Trump really is.

It almost happened, too. Mueller got indictments, convictions or guilty pleas from 34 people and three companies, including Trump’s lawyer, campaign manager and national security advisor. He even bagged a Russian spy and hackers with ties to Russia.

But in spite of Mueller convicting everybody and their mama—the Attorney General claims Mueller couldn’t pin a crime on Teflon Don. Because just like the late mob boss John Gotti, Donald Trump is a tube of cheap glue. Nothing sticks.

And that’s a shame. Because there was so much evidence of Trump’s ties to the Russians.  

Sixteen Trump associates were in contact with Russians during the campaign. Donald Trump Jr., said in an email that he would quote, “love it” if the Russians could give them dirt on Hillary Clinton.  After that, Trump’s son, his campaign manager and his son-in-law met with Russians in Trump Tower. But that’s not all…


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