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For the third day in a row the Black Lives Matter movement...

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There was a celebratory feel to Larry Krasner’s inauguration as Philadelphia’s new district attorney, because, as Krasner phrased it, his ascension to the office was the culmination of a movement.

It was a movement led by the disenfranchised, a movement stoked by activists, a movement that succeeded thanks to votes cast by people of color who have long been unequally treated by the criminal justice system.

Krasner was elected not only because billionaire George Soros spent millions in support of his campaign, but also because of Krasner’s history of suing police and representing groups like Black Lives Matter. The black community believed in that history, and now we have some demands.

We demand transparency in police-involved shootings, a cessation of the unfair police practice of stop and frisk, consideration of mitigating circumstances when making sentencing recommendations, and the end of cash bail.

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