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Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyoncè and Solange, says that a bold lie is circulating that he held a silent auction to sell his daughters’ memorabilia to pay off debts. Knowles is categorically denying the rumor.

An official statement sent to EURweb reads:

“This is a lie without any foundation in fact. No such auction occurred nor was ever planned or scheduled. Indeed, Mr. Knowles never participated in nor engaged anyone to hold any type of auction to sell or auction off such items. Whoever is spreading or worse re-publishing this lie will be required to answer in damages for the harm they are intending to cause Mr. Knowles.

“To date, Mr. Knowles has attempted to remain quiet when faced with such ridiculous and false accusations. He says, “No More! Tabloids and magazines have to be made accountable for their false publications.”

He insists that anyone who has published this lie must immediately retract it, and cease circulation of this harmful untruth.

“Knowles has retained a lawyer to go after publications that are circulating the lie.’

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