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Because I’m a lover of all music, I’m fascinated by biographies of musicians and singers and all the good and bad things they go through. Over the weekend, I went to check out the documentary of Amy Winehouse. I think she was a phenomenal singer, and earlier interviews revealed her deep love for gospel music. You can hear it in her voice.

I heard the documentary was superb, so I was excited to see it and to learn more about how this talented young women ended up with a tragic ending.

As the movie ended, I sat in my chair with a head full of thoughts and emotions. The movie was excellent. It was directed and produced well, but deep inside I knew I’ve seen this scenario far too many times. It’s like there is a script already written for every talented and gifted individual out there. The villains are all the same, the subplot is predictable, and the ending makes you angry at all the players on the screen.

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