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Erica Campbell I Luh God Stills

Source: Promo / eOne

Last week Erica Campbell released the music video for her new song “I Luh God,” from her “Help 2.0” CD. Some like it and some don’t. However, we all know we can’t please everybody. Below Erica defends her song on Facebook:

“I know people have an idea of what should and shouldn’t be called gospel. But you can’t assume what or whom God will use. If something isn’t for you it isn’t a reason to judge or bash just because it’s not your thing. The song I Luh (love) God for those who don’t speak slang, it’s a ghetto Love song acknowledging how I feel about God. He doesn’t care about the beat, people do. We serve a universal God who will and can use a rock to give Him praise. I don’t think God is offended when ppl express their Love and praise to Him. He only judges your heart your intention and MY intention is to have ppl EVERYWHERE saying I Luh (love) God… And I won’t stop until my mission is complete…”


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