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That’s right, there’s now a store in Detroit where you can get a loan for a weave! Would you borrow money to “get your hair did?” Well, as of Saturday, June 13th, residents of Detroit can do just that. The owner and his wife say that their store’s service is no different from any other type of loan that people take out for needs like a home, a car or college, it’s just that it’s for weaves. Customers can purchase hair extensions there or anywhere else with the money they receive. The owners saw a need in the community and they chose to try and fill it.

What do YOU think? Is a weave that important that someone would fill out loan application to buy hair extensions? Is this exploitative in a city that just a few years ago declared bankruptcy and has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country? Is it indicative of misplaced priorities among African American and other women?

I wonder about the terms; the interest rates and length of the loans. Could it trap women into a never-ending cycle of continuous borrowing? Some might argue that a weave is a luxury; if you can’t afford it, you don’t need it, but for some women suffering from hair loss, maybe that’s not the case.

We know all too well about all the issues surrounding Black Hair. This store, specializing in weave loans, to me, is yet another attempt to address some of them (and make a few dollars while doing so!). I’m interested to see how successful it will be! Comments, please!

Jerry Wells

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