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Today: Mostly Sunny, windy and colder with temps dropping through the 30s but it will feel like the 20s.

Tomorrow: Light snow, generally a coating to an inch and even 2 inches are possible for our area. The light snow should move in just as the morning rush hour begins to wind down.

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ESPN Sportscaster Stuart Scott Passed From Cancer

On a very sad note well-known ESPN Sportscaster Stuart Scott lost his long battle with cancer and passed this weekend. I’m still blown away by a statement he made recently during a speech, “When you die, it does not mean you lost cancer. You beat cancer by ‘how’ you live, ‘why’ you live and the manner in ‘which’ you live.” He was 49 and leaves lives behind two daughters.

The Flu Is Now An Epidemic

The CDC says the flu has reached epidemic levels earlier than normal this year. Health officials are still encouraging the public to still get the flu shot, even though it’s not a perfect match for the strain that’s going around. As a matter of fact it’s only 30-35% effective. However, the vaccine will still provide some protection as well as make flu symptoms a little easier to deal with. Please go see your doctor if you develop flu-like symptoms in order for you to get an anti-viral medication. Also, health officials also say it’s not too late to get your flu shot!

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