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The owner of a restaurant in North Carolina is getting attention for the way she prices her food.

According to the Gaston Gazette, Dana Parris owns Just Cookin, and after going through some hard times business-wise, she changed her price schedule.

Instead of charging a set price, she said she “turned her cash register over to God.” Customers pay what they think their food is worth.

On the Just Cookin Facebook Page, Parris wrote:

“Just Cookin Announces: What are we worth WEEK? I am putting my “FAITH” where my CASH REGISTER is. I am letting go and letting GOD!! No prices….No totals…..You pay what you think your meal is worth!!! Just Cookin is a God filled business. We know we can do nothing special. God can do anything and everything!!! Thank you for Blessing us with the opportunity to serve you!!!! We pray this week you feel and see the ALMIGHTY PRESENCE of GOD!!!”

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