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The scrollThe Scroll is the must read book for this fall. Actually, it is an  act of inspiration from filmmaker Parrish Smith. He acts as the scribe for this spiritual set of letters similar to those handed down from the prophets.

Synopsis: A Self-Help book utilizing narratives from the spiritual leaders featured in The Scroll “Film” combined with solid applications for every day life.Scrolls have always been considered sacred, filled with prophecy and direction. Now, America’s most beloved spiritual leaders share their own contemporary wisdom and vision through candid, uplifting, personal stories of  struggle, doubt, and ultimately, blessed understanding. Featured in the award-winning documentary series.

The Scroll, these modern-day prophets reveal more of themselves, their journey, and their invaluable insights     than ever before.

Why you should read it: This is a deep dive into practical spiritual day to day use. Each chapter deals with  a different facet of spiritual grounding. I took this book with me on a recent retreat as a companion book and I can tel you I was  thoroughly refreshed by the writing,

The guide is full of contemporary wisdom that will uplift and encourage you through life’s unexpected challenges. With stories like “School of Hard Knocks” by Bishop T.D. Jakes where Jakes discusses how a lesson from his father allowed him to learn even more valuable lessons. “Frustrated, Not Angry” by Bishop Noel Jones offers practical advice on how to better deal with our partners, “Angry with God” by Rev. Bernice A. King where she relays the memories of devastation she felt after a traumatic death in her family but how it enabled her to grow stronger and “Choose to Live” by Bishop Hezekiah Walker J

Advisory: Make sure that you read and reflect. Each chapter poses different concepts. Take a moment  to rreflect on chapter after you read it. It is definitely a journey book.

Bishop Noel Jones: Talks Of Living Outside God’s Principles

Pastor Marvin Sapp Reflects on God’s  Eyes

Finding our life’s purpose. Creating lasting relationships. Surviving tragedy.Releasing self-destructive thoughts. These are just some of the trials faced-and joyously overcome-in these heartfelt accounts that are as healing as they are unforgettable. Each tale features illustrative Bible verses, related parables, and transformative spiritual advice. A treasure for all time, The Scroll will hold you up through life’s unexpected challenges-and lead you to life’s greatest rewards.

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