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William Jeynes, senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute and California State University professor, gives remarks at a Family Research Council event in Washington, August 13, 2014.

WASHINGTON — An education expert has argued that United States public schools can benefit immensely from reading the Bible in literature classes and having prayer in schools.

William Jeynes, senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute and an education professor at California State University, made these arguments in a presentation Wednesday at the Family Research Council.

Titled “Putting the Bible and Prayer Back in the Public Schools,” Jeynes said there are many benefits to keeping the Bible in public schools and drawbacks from when, during the 1960s, courses were taken out.

In 1963, the Supreme Court ruled that sectarian Bible classes could not be in public schools.

In the decision Abingdon v. Schempp, the court did allow for the teaching of the Bible, provided it was done in a neutral, objective matter.

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