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Drums please! Summer, summer, summertime…” But wait, not so fast naturalistas! Before we kick off the summer, let’s make sure we have our natural hair essentials to get us through these hot days. Summer is a lot less harsh on our strands, but there are still a couple things you need on deck to keep your tresses bouncing in the heat!


Sunscreen. For hair? Yup, there’s sunscreen for hair on the market to protect your hair from the heat. We’ve already got a taste of just how hot the sun can be. To protect your strands from sun exposure try using a product like Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil.

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Leave-In Conditioner. You probably already own a leave-in, but make sure you stock up. You might find yourself using more than usual. To refresh your curls in the summer, simply spritz your hair with a little water and work the leave-in conditioner into your hair. Also, if you swim, be sure to coat your hair with your leave-in conditioner of choice. It will cut down on moisture lost from the chlorine.

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Co-Wash Conditioner. There’s no time like the present to invest in a good co-wash conditioner. You will definitely need it for the summer. During the warmer months, women tend to wash their hair much more often than usual. Although you might experience more build up, you don’t want to use a regular shampoo every day. Instead use a co-wash conditioner like Wen or As I Am Cococnut Co-Wash Conditioner, that can gently clean your scalp and hair without the harsh ingredients found in shampoo.

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Hats. Of course we don’t want to cover up our lovely hair, but at times it might be necessary. Spending time on the beach or somewhere directly in the sun, you might want to throw on a cute hat. Keep one handy just in case!

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Water. Be sure to stay hydrated this summer ladies! Our hair needs nourishment from the inside and out. It’s going to be a hot summer; so keeping up on your water intake shouldn’t be difficult. Also, be sure to have a water spray bottle handy. Treat your hair as a plant and be sure to give it a little spritz daily.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…let’s just sit back and unwind! 

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