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What would you do if you came across a hundred dollar note in the street? What if you were extremely poor and come across $41,000 in cash stuffed inside an old sofa you’d just got from a thrift store, what would you do?

Well check this out!!! a few students purchased a couch from the Salvation Army because the need something to fit there living space. One of the students felt something in the arms of the sofa and pulled out an envelope stuffed with $20 bills adding up to $700. After 20 mins or do the we’re discovering multiple envelopes packed full with money, each adding up $40,000 in cash.

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The students thought about what the would o with the money then they had a moral discussions about the money. They agreed to bring the money back to whoever it belonged to. The students were presented with $1000 as a reward.

Again I ask what would you do?

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