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When it comes to your job, it’s best to zip it, to keep it! To help you out, here are some things to never tell your boss from

1. “I need a raise.” Instead of using the word “need,” highlight your successes as you negotiate for a higher salary.

2. “That just isn’t possible.” It may be true, but instead focus on what can be done and get it done!

3. “It’s not my fault. That sounds like a big baby! And if you say that, what’s next, “It’s not fair?” Instead, stay in your adult role, assume responsibility and solve the problems you helped create.

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4. “I don’t know.” Of course you don’t know everything but you do know something. If you aren’t sure about something, the answer should be, “I’ll find out right away.”

5. “But we’ve always done it this way.” The only thing constant in this world is change. Therefore, get over it! The only ways businesses grow are by new ideas!

6. “I’ll quit if …” Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. It will be tough if the boss calls your bluff. Don’t try it!

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