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There are dos and don’ts to this natural hair thing. If you’ve been on the right track to healthy natural hair, don’t mess up a good thing with bad practices. Here are five things you should never do to natural hair:

1. Use temperatures over 350° F

The main cause of breakage in natural hair is heat damage. Heat damage can be caused by excessive usage or using too high of a heat setting. Be sure to keep the temperatures on blow dryers and flat irons below 350° F to avoid burning your tresses to a crisp.

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2. Shampoo hair every day

No matter how dirty you think your hair is, there’s really no reason for anyone to shampoo every single day. Shampoo, depending on the brand, can be very drying to natural hair. If used every day, you are running the risk of doing some serious damage. Plus, no one wants dry, brittle hair.

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3. Use products with parabens, alcohol, or sulfates

These are three types of ingredients you want to keep at a distance. Unfortunately they are found in a lot of hair products, so you have to do some label checking to be certain you aren’t buying the wrong products. All three of these ingredients are drying and can even be toxic. Click here to learn more about parabens, alcohol, sulfates and other harmful ingredients commonly found in hair products.

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4. Rake through hair with a comb

You should never rake through natural hair, especially not with a comb. Your natural strands need extra care. While in its natural state, hair has a tendency to break easily. When combing hair, make sure you start from your ends and work your way up to the root. The important thing is that you take your time to avoid snapping ends and creating knots.

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5. Oil scalp

For some reason women thought for years greasing or oiling the scalp was beneficial. That is a myth. Applying oil directly on your scalp isn’t going to help with growth, but it will create build up that can prevent it. The only time oiling your scalp is really necessary is when doing a hot oil treatment. This is okay because it will only be sitting on the scalp for a short period of time and then rinsed and cleansed directly afterward.

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