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Some Christians don’t believe in celebrating or participating in Halloween! Meanwhile, some Christians believe it is okay to celebrate or participate in Halloween because it’s about kids having fun playing dress-up and getting candy!

According to a posting on the Grace Communion International page, the celebration of Halloween has no such Christian spiritual features. This holiday falls on October 31st, which is the eve of All Saints Day, which is a festival day celebrated by some Christian churches. However, the modern celebration of Halloween is not generally thought of as a Christian time of worship.


Source: Grace Communion International

Also, according to CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network, the origins of Halloween are based on the Celtic tradition of observing the end of summer sacrifices to gods in Druidic tradition. This was believed to be the day that Samhain, the lord of death, sent evil spirits disguised and looking like evil spirits in order to attack humans! Many of these beliefs, practices, old pagan rites and more are traced back to Halloween.

In the fourth century, Christians attempted to use the holiday to celebrate the lives of faithful Christian saints the day before Halloween; as an alternative to witches goblins, ghost and more.


Source: CBN

Photo: WZAK-Cleveland

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