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NFL player and devout Christian Adrian Peterson does not take performance enhancing drugs, but rather “juices on the blood of Jesus,” the Minnesota Vikings running back wrote in a recent article for the newly-launched website, Monday Morning Quarterback.

In a recent installation of “10 Things I Think I Think,” Peterson listed one of his most memorable on-field interactions from the 2012 season, when an unnamed linebacker from the Detroit Lions approached Peterson after a succesful game and asked him: “Adrian, what are you taking? What juice you using? I gotta [sic] get me some of that.”

Adrian writes that his response to his fellow NFL player was: “I’m juicing on the blood of Jesus. Faith is what got me to this point.” Peterson goes on to write that when the Vikings played the Lions later in the season, the same anonymous linebacker approached Peterson and said: “I appreciate you saying that. You opened my eyes.”

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