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If Black people got angry when radio host Don Imus referred to players on Rutgers women basketball team as “nappy headed hoes,” after this latest statement, he might have go into the Witness Protection Program.

Speaking with FOX analyst Kirsten Powers, Imus said that according to the “Gospel of Judas Iscariot,” Yashua, a.k.a Joshua, b.k.a. Jesus, may have been homosexual.

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“You know there’s a Gospel of Judas floating around,” Imus said. “There were hundreds of gospels written, only four made it into the [Bible]. There was the Gospel of Thomas, Mary had a gospel, they all had a gospel. But Judas — there’s some indication there that Jesus may have been gay.”

“Oh, come on,” Powers responded.

“I didn’t write it,’ Imus replied. “Don’t be shooting the messenger here.”

Watch clip below:

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