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The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that a set of white foster parents should raise two toddler sisters instead of the black grandparents who have fought for them for three years.Steven and Liv Grosser, from Plymouth, will now raise the girls instead of Dorothy and Lawrence Dunning after the court ruled relatives should get first consideration but not preference in adoptions.

Princess and Dorothy Knox, who are now aged three and two, were placed with the Grossers after doctors found they both had traces of cocaine in their blood after they were born.

As a result of the pre-natal drug ingestion, they both suffer from developmental difficulties and the court ruled that the Grossers are better placed to provide for them.

Success: Steven and Liv Grosser, pictured, have been granted custody of two toddler sisters over their paternal grandparents as a court ruled they were better placed to provide for the girls

But the Dunnings, from Gautier, Mississippi, have fought a hard battle for their granddaughters, and argue that blood relations, love and heritage should come before money.

State laws say that race should not factor in to adoptions but require that a child’s ‘cultural needs’ should be a consideration when determining a child’s best interests.

The Grossers’ attorney, Wright Walling, told the Minnesota Star Tribune that there were grey areas over the word ‘culture’.

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