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These are the thoughts of our Praise 103.9 Listeners…

Neo: by their actions..anyone can tell you they love you…love is an action word…SHOW ME!

Denise: I think it is the actions not what is said. It is what is done.

Michelle Johnson: Seeing Is Believing’

Felicia : There are soooooo manyyyyyyy wolves in sheeps clothing so in my eyes it’s hard to tell.

Dolevera: Action, Action, Actions mean everything talk is cheap!

Adriane: Thats a great question…but I think it depends on ones own definition of love. Take time to figure out how you desire to be loved and you won’t settle for the words that never measure up.

Robert: If they ride with you in your worst times…..thats very important!

Adilma: Loves GOD,& Himself. The rest will come.

Debra D: By the way they act when they with you they don’t have to be in your presence 24hrs. a day but when they are do you feel special ,do they tell you how they feel and can you feel it???

Mookie: To all tht saids action is rite in my book a stranger can tell u they love you r u going to believe thm or the one who is calling to see how your day was ,compliments u,or give you without u asking etc actions ppl….

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